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Melon Tech

Melon Tech is an I.T. company specializing in computer repair and database management.

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John and Karl came to us for help in creating a business name, logo and brand identity for their startup I.T. company. In addition to their database management and computer repair services, they wanted to help educate their clients to safeguard against future problems.

So we created the name Melon Tech in order to play on the phrase “using your melon” in addition to being a direct reflection of their personable and refreshing approach to an otherwise mundane industry. The tagline “surprisingly refreshing IT” was created to reinforce this message.

Trivium is a passionate and outstanding group of professionals who are a pleasure to work with. They truly understand the intricacies of design and brand consistency by conveying the spirit of a brand through iconic representation uniformly and gracefully.”


Janusz Dziurzynski, Owner

A watermelon slice that doubles as half of an entire power button was created as their logo’s icon, while appropriate shades of red and green were chosen to support the pleasant associations with their brand.

In what is typically viewed as a stale and intimidating industry, Melon Tech now has a creative and refreshing identity, helping to ease the minds of their customers and successfully differentiate them from the competition.


North Haven, CT I I 1.203.824.4561